Feb 2, 2012

I don't know how I feel

I did get those three days of spankings. It wasn't too bad. He was mostly just trying to make a point. Which actually...I LOVE!

I got spanked twice more that week. I got maintenance on Sunday as usual. Boy did that one smart. It was harder than I had had in a while. Then I got one or two more spankings for sassiness Sunday and Monday.

Then he was leaving for a few days for work and decided I needed another maintenance before he left.
I got a quick spanking, a kiss, an I love you, be good...and he left. I then went back to sleep.

He's not back yet and needless to say...I am missing him so very much. I told him today that I miss my spankings. I miss his authority. I just miss him.

It's not that I like being spanked for punishment, but I like it when he holds me accountable. Honestly, I don't think he does it enough and wish he would do it more.

We've had a talk recently about how he throws the phrases 'I'm going to spank you' or ' You need a spanking' around very loosely and often kidding. It's gotten so bad that half the time I DON'T know when he's really kidding and when he's not. Honestly, that's a lot what led to my smart mouth that got me the 3-day spanking sentence.

He said he understood and apologized. Hopefully he'll use the words sparingly and only when he means it. I also told him how when I do things, a lot of times he just says 'I can't wait for maintenance day'. So I asked him why he had to wait until then? Why not just punish me right when I did whatever?

I don't think he really had an answer for that, but I think he understood my frustration. I mean I feel like when we get to maintenance day, it's just that, the regular maintenance. He never is really addressing all those things from the week.

Now, like 99.995% of the time, I am only in trouble for sassiness and attitude. I do chores if he ever gives me any. But, if it's sassiness he's threatening to punish for, then go ahead and do it! Why wait?

Anyhow, I think he is understanding my concerns. That is a lot why I got all those subsequent spankings and the extra maintenance. (Honestly, one of the times I got spanked, it was because Stormy possessed me and I turned and walked out while he was talking to me. Not good. I was told to stop, that I knew better. Yes, I did. I was being bratty. Too big for britches I guess.)

Anyway, I hope he talks less and acts more!

(but I am a pretty good girl!!!)

Ok, so maybe I really do know how I feel.


  1. Haha! Sounds like you definitely know how you feel :P

  2. Sounds like quite a bit of spanking going on to me lol! Or maybe that's just coz I'm not getting any :) ha!
    I think it sounds like you know how you feel no problem, I certainly know how you feel :/
    Hope he's back soon for you.

    Dee x

  3. It's interesting how once you process through it with words, you really are more in touch with how you feel. I think you make a valid point about dealing with an incident right then, rather than wait a week--if it's possible. Incidentally, walking away from me while I'm talking get's Lynda an instant spanking.

  4. Isn't it great when suddenly the light bulb goes on? An epiphany.

  5. From "I don't know how I feel" to "I DO know how I feel" is quite the relief. May his swinging arm stay busy!? :)

  6. My favorite part... "I hope he talks less and acts more!"... I think a lot of us can relate to that!!!

    Hope he gets home soon!

  7. Ack!! I saw my name and hoped it was a good thing....hee hee...not so much! In my defense I haven't done that since the last time I did it. :)

    Less talk..more action, a guy shield understand that, huh? Good luck. Sounds like you guys are doing great.


  8. I totally understand. I hate punishment but thrive within the total dynamic. I also prefer when he doesn't wait too long and takes care of things right away. It does sound like you sort of figured out what you were feeling...writing will do that sometimes.

  9. Perhaps other punishments might be incorporated other than just spanking for things of this nature. Writing lines or corner time. Not every opportunity is really a spankable moment, so maybe he needs more variety to settle things down in a quicker fashion.