Jan 17, 2012

Well I really stepped in it!


I messed up and now I am going to pay for it.

Lately I haven't been spanked for anything. He's even skipped maintenance a couple of times. Now granted, there were reasons it got skipped, but still.

So I guess I've been mouthy lately. A bit mouthier than I should be.

So tonight he said something and I picked up a pillow and he gave me 'the look'. I threw it anyway. Then I proceeded to tell him that he wasn't going to spank me that we both knew he wasn't.

My DD friend was texting me so he told me to give him my phone where he promptly told her he was go to give me a 'whoopin' since I said he wouldn't. (not sure why he used that word. I think he found it amusing)

So he told me to get upstairs and he would show me how wrong I was. It wasn't terribly horrible compared to what most people get, but it hurt really bad because my skin is so sensitive right now on top of the fact that I haven't really been spanked much. It was enough to make me sorry though! Then he proceeded to tell me that for the next couple of days, I was going to be spanked since I obviously felt that he wasn't spanking me enough and that I had gotten too big for my britches.

I was teasing but I took it too far and did not heed his warning. I really don't want to be spanked the next few days!

I guess I really stepped in it this time. Mess with the bull, you get the horns!