Nov 30, 2011

Stubborn Attitude

I don't know why but I just couldn't shake it.

We were having a nice night but I wasn't feeling completely me. Honestly I was feeling a little hurt by a friend and my mood was up and down. I mean after all, Dutch hadn't done anything. All he wanted to do was be in the room with me, on the couch, watching our shows, me laying in his lap.

All of that happened too. However, my mood was up and down. Happy and sad. Nice and snippy.

He finally had had enough. He said I was getting some swats before bed...again. See I had gotten some the night before because I was being bratty. Well apparently it wasn't enough. (ok it wasn't, I knew it wasn't)

So when he was going to bed, he said come on, let's go upstairs.

He spanked me with his hand. Told me I could get up. So I did, with attitude. I yanked up my pj bottoms and he promtly told me to get back over the bed, I obviously still had an attitude.

He spanked me with the balsa wood paddle. Now, considering how much I hate that thing, you would think that would have been it.

"OW! I can't take it!"

'Get up. Are you done with this attitude yet?'

"Yes! I said I was!"

'Apparently not.'

So over I went AGAIN. Spanked AGAIN with his hand.

'Are you done yet?'


Out comes the leather paddle.

"Stop! Ok, I'm sorry! I'm done now! Stop!"

'You don't tell me when to stop. I decide when to stop'. (How many times have I heard that?  Geez)

Then he finally stopped.

'I'm going to ask you one more time. Are you done with this attitude?'

"Yes sir"

'Ok, pull your bottoms up'

So I did and he held me and I cried and I apologized and told him what was bugging me.

'Is that what this is about? You should apologize to her too.'

I protested that but I won't get into it.

He always know when something is wrong and I have kept it in until it boils over into attitude and brattiness. He tries to get it out of me, but sometimes, I am feeling too locked in to be able to communicate what is wrong. So, when he's had enough (and believe you me he lets a LOT go for a while), he will eventually let me know enough is enough. This is where he is drawing the line and a spanking will soon commence.

I mean I was just going to get enough swats to sting. But noooooo, I had to keep pushing.

Oh well, I guess that's why I have a shirt that says 'I'm on the naughty list'...right?

Hee Hee!

Nov 9, 2011

6th Annual Love Our Lurkers Day!!!

Hello Lurkers!

Come out come out wherever you are!!!

If you are lurking on my blog or any of the other blogs out there, please let us know you are there. My blog is still fairly new compared to some and I love to have new people drop by and give me their thoughts. I know we don't all agree on everything, but that's ok. If you have love in your heart, not hate, then it can only be a good experience.

You may be new to DD or curious. You may be wanting to start a blog but think no one will read it. Guess what? We've all been there. Plus our lives are always changing, so even those who are veterans are still having new experiences with TTWD and lean on their readers for support and advice.

So, please, if you would like to, leave a comment. Let me know you came by or have been coming by. I don't bite!! (much... hee hee)

Have a great LOL day!! Have fun out there!

Nov 7, 2011

Four Words I Hate

'Go get a paddle'

Rarely does that ever end in anything good. Here lately, he has come to saying that phrase more than I would like. Every...single...time...something sassy comes out of my mouth.

'Go get a paddle' or 'Let's go upstairs'.

"Are you serious?"

'Of course I'm serious'

"What'd I do?"

'You're being sassy and you know I can't tolerate that. I have to nip these things in the bud when they happen or I wouldn't be doing my duty as an HOH'

(Oh for pete's sake. His duty? Can I lay him off?) "Really? You're serious?"

'Yes, go get a paddle now!'

So in the past week, I've been over the couch, over the bed, over his knee and over the tub. I don't know anymore when we are bantering and when I am being sassy in a 'spankable offense' way.

So now his new thing is 'Go get a brush'. A BRUSH! When the heck did he decide to start using that regularly? I've felt it 4 times in about 3 days. I gotta tell you...I don't like it.

"That hurts!! Ow!!"

'Since when is a spanking not supposed to hurt?'

Maintenance was over the bed with his hand and then all of a sudden I felt the brush! So I started to get up.

'Get back down now. Do you want me to get the big paddle?'

(Take a wild guess bucko!) "No sir"

Later I said something sassy in the bathroom.

'Bend over'



So I did.

'uh hem...'SMACK...'panties too'

"Well you didn't say that"


And then he started in with the brush. I don't like that thing...I don't like it at all!

'I'm liking this brush. I'm not sure yet which one I like best.'

Grrrrrr. The man is a spanko. I swear it! How did that happen?

'It makes me feel better when I spank you'


Secretly I like that he's not letting me get away with anything and I like that he never misses maintenance. I feel fortunate that he is consistent.

But...can we not do brushes?!?!?
Is there another way to say 'Go get a paddle' or 'Go get a brush'? Something more lively, peppy, friendly? Something that doesn't immediately say...YOU'RE BUTT IS TOAST???

*sigh* If I'd known I married a spanko and I had to do it all over again...would I even mention DD?
*sigh* YES (dangit)