Mar 13, 2012

Check it out!

Hey everybody. I haven't posted in a while. Not too much different going on here.

I get maintenance regularly. He's been laying into me with the leather paddle for that. He's also decided that maintenance before he goes out of town or I go out of town if we are apart will now be the norm. That maintenance also has nothing to do with the normal regular maintenance.

I haven't done anything to really earn a punishment lately. I pulled my back out and was down for the count for about a week and am still recovering. I am pretty much back to normal, but every so often I feel it tweak again. Also, I have not yet been released from therapy. That's ok. It's moving in the right direction.

I have had some family drama and family health issues to deal with. I think things are settling down there.

Work has been getting busy. Too many changes for my taste. I just try to take each day for that day and not worry about what it to come.

So, if you aren't hearing from me as much, there is just a lot of other stuff going on that is taking my attention and energy right now. I'm still here. I'll just post whenever I can and feel like I need it.

Anyhow...if you don't know...Daisychristian over at Guide Me Gently is back. She is a very close friend of mine. Please take a minute to go check her out. She's an absolute doll and needs all the support you can muster. Thanks for visiting her.

God bless and take care all!!! Big Hugs!!!!